Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Square One's Sephora and Bare Escentuals

Check out this amazing line of cosmetics!! Bare Escentual, completely natural and made out of minerals.
The foundation they say is amazing, and yes, I discovered that today at Sephora Square One.
The Sales Associate was so pleasant and she walked me through the steps, plus I purchased the beginners kit which includes a DVD tutorial.
Now their line is pretty unusual, I mean makeup made completely out of minerals which are placed in little clear pots under different name titles like foundations, blush, eyeshadow and even eyeliner!

I must admit after hearing about it I went sleepless the whole night, as soon as it was dawn I began plotting how to convince my mom to take us to square one so I could try out this marvelous new discovery. Ok, so I spend close to $240 CAN on all the above (not to mention the $150 for my sisters PlayStation 2) and then we decided to grab some arabic flat bread, olives, and Zatar spice down by a middle eastern grocery shop and then headed home.

I'm going to be posting more pictures shortly of all my new purchases, inshaa Allah

So next time you're at Sephora give Bare Escentuals a chance instead of Dior, Chanel, MAC, Benefit and many of the other poplular (and harmful) cosmetic brands out there.


Anonymous said...

I happened to walk in around 4:30 to make a quick purchase and the staff on shift were very friendly and organized. I never got a chance to thank them back on my way out, as I was in a hurry. I would just like to thank them for their appreciation and wonderful customer service!

Anonymous said...

where did u buy bareescentuals? in dubai? can u tell me waht places .. thanks alot before

Amatullah said...

I don't know where in Dubai, but if they have a sephora there they might have BE. There are tons of brands out there for mineral makeup by the way, is also another great brand which I use and prefer over BE. See if you could order from their website as they don't sell in stores.
But loreal and other makeup brands all offer a mineral makeup line, so try it out at the store and if it works for you then that's great, one thing to beware of is an allergic reaction, as my face broke out a bit using certain brands so try one and then go home and see how it feels. Don't try a whole bunch at once as you won't know. It could provide coverage, look natural and feel good on you.