Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE buffet 2013

The New Year's Eve "buffet" has become a tradition in our house, we started it last year, you can see it here, and it was just so much fun! 

I wanted to do potato pancakes, sauerkraut and gravey, the German way we eat it.  There wasn't much else of a point of view but then I stumbled upon some of the "traditions" from around the world for New Year's and we just went with that.

We had the fish as in the smoked salmon on top of the "dressed" mini potato pancakes.

Apple fritters that are of course in the shape of a ring. 

Rice pudding topped with Cardamom poached apricots (we hid an almond in one!) 

A poppy seed loaf bread! (great for breakfast the next morning and you can hide money in it!) 

Frozen grapes in the drinks.

Recipe for the Apple fritters are from my earlier post here. 

I'm going to share the recipe for the main "menu" of potato pancakes another time because for now as my sister directed me it's a touch/feel recipe.  I will say that it is the easiest and least intimidating recipe ever, there is no squeezing/drying of the grated potatoes as called for in "latke" recipes and it really is just 4 ingredients. 

So stay tuned and Happy New Year everyone! 

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