Wednesday, January 3, 2007


So it's wednesday evening, Eid is over, New Year's is over and I'm spending my days at home watching my sister play "Trauma Center" on Wii - it's quite interesting.
Then we switch to "Call of Duty 3" and Golf, Wii sports and even I can play some Eleobits if we have enough time.

My cat spends her time sitting behind the XBox360 keeping warm, though the weather outside isn't too bad, it's expected to actually get warmer by the begining of next week (yeah double digits)

In the news, Saddam was executed, a lot of people are happy about that including a lot of my family members back in Iraq. At the same time it got me wondering how many more "evil" people are out there - we're done with him but there are so much more who've killed thousands and thousands of people (I won't name names and no I'm not getting into politics, I like to stay as faaaaaaaaaaaar away from it as possible - that doesn't mean I don't care or don't wish to get involved however debating is not my thing and so online and offline I prefer to keep it to a limit)

Now back to Eid, it was great, we took so many lovely pictures, I'm loving the new M.A.C eyeshadow shade in Yogurt, looks so good on me ; )

So we're into the new year now, I'm really looking forward to spring, summer, warm weather and BBQed fish! It was around last year this time that we we're in the stores buying luggage and preparing to head to Dubai, our flight was on the 19th and I left for Yemen on the 27th. I've pretty much missed last winter in Canada, and this winter is just so warm, I'm really glad about that - though sadly it's no good for the environment.

New year's resolutions??? No. I generally don't set any, this year however is kind of different and I'm looking forward to moving on and possibly setting some goals career wise.

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