Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thinking again

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Well, here I am thinking again, or rethinking my life rather and how I plan or choose to spend the rest of it. It was an interesting topic that came up the other day when I sat amongst my three sisters in their room.

Like everyone else I have bad days and days when I'm just down, thankfully my life isn't as stressful as many out there but maybe it's just the winter that makes me feel uneasy. I have a few goals set, so far I'm pursuing them, getting active is one, I love our condo but I hate the weather outside yet I can't sit in here all day long bored out of my skull. Last year at exactly this time I was on my way to Dubai, then Yemen, there I spend my days outside my apartment for long periods of time, it was really fun and interesting, I've got into the habit and now being back in Canada just feels so boring .. the drastic seasonal changes are so annoying, I prefer heat all year round, everything feels so far apart unlike the middle east where I could take small walks around the nighbourhood or down to the corner store or grab a taxi for a dollar or so to take a trip down to the market place or to the mountains for picnics.

There are so many places I still want to visit, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Oman, Malaysia, Indonesia ............ the list goes on.

Career wise I've got some tough choices to make as well. Oh well before any of that I'd better read up so that I can get my drivers license.

And so I leave you with a picture of the family cat sitting on my bed absorbing as much sunlight she can get. *Ahh, the life of a cat*

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