Thursday, January 18, 2007

Some photos

Thought I'd share some of the photos I snapped since I've taken up photography, it's really fun and I love the 'exotic' feel to them, I plan to take some more in the near future inshaa Allah.

The weeks are going so fast, the weather is colder and I'm bored out of my skull (ok, it's not that bad.. )
Can't wait for spring to arrive, it's going to be our first spring/summer here in the condo and I'm anxious to get out there and BBQ fish at the park across the street : ) The downside is that I'm really afraid of all the mosquitos around here, we've got the lake across the street, the golf course behind us and beside it is a large stream which runs right beside the building, I'm seriously going to have to look into buying a net for the balcony, something we can sit inside if we plan to sit out there during the warmer seasons.

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