Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back to blogging

 I've been away for a while, of course busy with my new kitties but also completed a month of chiropractic treatment which involved three sessions a week for four weeks.  I didn't realize how much of a commitment it was, or rather how busy I would be preparing for these appointments but glad to have got through it and now I can focus on cooking, baking, and everything that I love.  

With spring just around the corner it's a wonderful time of year! So much hope and anticipation for warm weather, preparing those seedlings and just getting in the fresh spring mode!

The series of photos below doesn't scream "Spring" but they're a few I had on my camera during the last month.  I've been focussing on reading, some décor too and just enjoying life and taking things "slow"  (Reading Carl Honoré's "The Slow Fix")

As you all know I love sharing products and things I love with all of you so today I'm showing off my new incense globe (or Aromatherapy Pendant)  it's by Pixie Glass works, a Canadian company who was also featured on Dragon's Den (where I initially noticed them)

Basically the pendants are made of a super strong glass and blown in a specific way where even if you tilt or jiggle it the incense (essential oil) does not spill out but because of the tiny hole (that's where you carefully and patiently fill it with an eye dropper) it emits the essence and scent which is just lovely!

I do have their basic clear pendant necklace which I will feature later on because I haven't been able to wear it (still looking for an oil to fill it with that appeals to me)

Recently Dr.Oz talked about the calming effects of Aromatherapy,  this is definitely a cool product if you're anxious or stressed.

Even though it's a necklace I hung it from the mirror in the car so now the car smells great!  Perfect for those long car rides and road trips. Maybe even selecting a calming oil and scent may help with traffic! 

It's good to be back! I have some exciting things lined up for summer as well, with fun products and recipes so stay tuned ;)

P.S I am not being paid to endorse any of these products, they're simply things I've discovered, purchased and enjoy and hope you can enjoy them too! 

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