Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday 2012

This year we had no snow so we made it snow indoors!

How you may ask?

The secret is..................

Marshmallows!! Whether they're big or small, and even if they're a bit stale just thread them onto a fine cotton thread with a needle and hang them up one thread at a time, the more you've got the better it looks.  Keep the marshmallows at different heights and you got to do a double loupe around the marshmallow to keep it in place.

I also finally got around to using my hot cocoa nuggets, you can find the recipe here.  It really is SO Delicious especially when you sweeten with sweetened condensed milk! 

I also would like to say that these glass straws are totally amazing! This one you see is the bubble tea straw, it's very wide and great for slurpees too.  I got an Iced tea (bent) straw and 4 standard style glass straws for entertaining.   Can't wait to try them out (and will be featuring them soon - maybe New year's? )

So far we tried out the bubble tea straw and it's really great, perfect for smoothies too, not too wide and I think it's fun for kids too.

And last but not least meet our new "Christmas Cats" Two lovely girls (sisters) that we just adore! We've only had them for a little over a week but they are little treasures and we're enjoying every moment of their company!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Libellula Jewelry™ said...

Merry Christmas!

Please let your readers know how you like the glass straws. They've been on my wish list and I'd really appreciate a review.

Amatullah said...

Hi Libellula, and to you too!

I was going to feature them in another post soon but upon seeing your comment I put up a small review right here. I recommended them on my facebook earlier as well as a fun foodie gift when placing my order, but of course back then I hadn't really tried them out. So far so good, they're really fun to use. The cool sensation of glass on my lips is new, and I'm not a big "straw" person but I am enjoying this. I think we'll be taking the straw with us to the 711 when purchasing slurpees lol.


Libellula Jewelry™ said...

I really appreciate your review! I'll be getting some so that I can give up the plastic ones. :)

Amatullah said...

Glad to hear! :) Let me know how you like them too.