Saturday, January 6, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada

Just like the title says, it's hockey night, which means I'm pretty much bored to death while my sister enjoys watching and listening to two games at the same time. At least I have the commercials to enjoy! The Subway "never!" adds are pretty funny but if you watch them over and over and over and sometimes back to back they'll begin to get on your nerves.

Speaking of commercials that get on my nerves, the new Tim Hortons Yogurt and Berries.
It goes something like this, a yoga instructor is handed a plastic cup of Tim Hortons' Yogurt and berries and then she sits down and begins to indulge while telling the ladies behind her "bring your knees right up to your chest and make yourselves very round .. like a.. "
Then one lady says "berry??" - the instructor says with her really really annoying low kidish voice "like a berry - a plump little berry" while scooping out a berry from her yogurt and then goes on to shove it in her mouth.
Another lady behind her says "like in your yogurt in berries?"
Instructor answers "yes!!".. and goes on to tell everyone "you're berries! .. you're berrries.. you're berries, NOW BURST!!!" and all the ladies fall flat onto their backs.

This commercial is terribly annoying, my sisters and I can not stand it, especially when it's on during Entertainment Tonight breaks past 11:30 PM when it's on at every single commercial break!

Speaking of annoying commercials there are so many really funny ones out there, I could go on and on but just to name a few "head on" is probably THE most annoying one (it's american I believe since it's rarely on here unless followed by an american show) - YOP - A&W when the couple go out for dinner at an expensive restaurant then pass by A&W and have a "REAL DINNER" or what they called "dessert" - Bud Light and ohh so much more.

They come and go anyway, and I guess they attract a lot of attention as you see and that's their purpose so... what more can I say?.

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