Monday, January 8, 2007

Shopping at Sherway!

Today is a lovely day, the morning was a bit windy but the sun began to appear as soon as we left the house.

I'm really high spirited today - got to got to the mall earlier even if it was just to pick up a new memory stick for my camera and pass by the Body Shop!
It was fun though, the body shop was having a big sale so I got some great deals also I've recieved my 8th stamp which ment that I could pick up a free gift for $25

This s a sweet gift, never tried it before but it's part of the body shops eau de toilette scents, they're a small collection of all the scents and you can use them to mix and match and create new favourite scents. Very nice and I'm eager to try it after taking some pictures of it with my camera.

Also what I'm super excited about are the vitamin E moisturizing creams series. This stuff is great, and if you have really dry skin (like me) its amazing. So I decided to pick up a day face cream, then well, I couldn't resist and went wild ...
Had to have the mask..

AND the body lotion (which does wonders on the legs) and I simply love the scent, my mom thought it was weird but I like it, it reminds me of the arabic 3ood that I use to use in my apartment back in Yemen, can't stop sniffing it off my hand.

I also got the night cream then decided to cut it quits. Getting free gifts is really fun, now I can't wait to collect my free stuff from Yves Rocher sometime within this month. (I plan on getting some of my mom's favourite fragrances as a gift for her)

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