Sunday, December 16, 2012


A little DIY with my IKEA LUNS chalkboard/magntic board, it was originally spruce and I was just getting so tired of it.  It seems it did come in a white frame and a lot of people online painted the frames in different colours but I had my heart set on black and haven't seen any examples of it on the net as of yet.  It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself! 

 What you would do is sand the frame down lightly and then prime and paint with a black paint (either latex matte finish or even an oil depending on your taste, I like all things MATTE and I'm pretty stubborn about that) 

Make sure to tape the handles at the bottom if you decide to keep them (many people just don't bother to install them) Also tape off and cover the chalkboard area and remove the little metal tray inserts before painting.

The little white trees in the photo standing in front of the chalkboard (to disguise the hooks it's balancing on) are also a DIY project.  I collected the white cardboard stuff that comes in the reed incense boxes from the body shop and then cut little trees and two of them fit into each other since one is sliced half way up the bottom and the other half way down the top.  They're just so fun and that's why I keep all pieces of good cardboard because it comes in handy : )

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