Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What?? EID in December???!

Today was a moderately mild day, really nice and as usual every tuesday I was going downtown with mom. I love car trips, my mom finds it really stressful with traffic and all but in my opinion seeing the sights in slow motion is so much better. The lake looked blue and lovely and it seems there are new buildings "popping up" every day here and there, it's starting to look like miami ; )

I do hope that the government plans to improve the city, there is a lot of jobs needed from fixing highways to getting rid of old bridges, buildings and just a lot of "old" stuff downtown, don't get me wrong I love old, but some of the stuff is just falling apart and I know toronto can become a world class city if given the chance.
We were in the Danforth area around the carrot common, honestly I just love the place. It looks so warm and the busy street with people and their animals going about their business shopping and hanging out, so friendly. I wish I could live around the area as everything would be within walking distance or they could improve east of lakeshore in Mississauga to become more like that or at least like the shopping streets in port credit. this area is getting so old : (

Before we left mom was mentioning how everyone at the wedding on sunday was talking about Eid coming up in the end of December ...

I thought my heart would stop.. "EID IN DECEMBER????? "

((Eid, the second Islamic celebration of the year: lasts 4 days long - Islamic celebrations fall on different dates because the lunar calendar dates shift))

I'm in shock, I could have sworn it's around Feb. or at least Jan... and she's telling me it's coming up after boxing day!! I immediately ran over and told my sisters who had the exact same reaction as I did!

We didn't even start shopping yet. OK, we have the Nintendo Wii and zelda but ..

*No wonder I'm itching to shop, I could hardly sleep last night, I've been dreaming about shopping and the malls*

Yeah as usual, mom's reaction "we bought enough stuff last holiday and we do have the Wii so lets calm down" ...

Me: *silent*

Her: "Come on, I'm not spending my days in the mall again"

Me: *silent*

Her: "Please!"

Me: *starts plotting and planning with my sisters once I get back home*

... Finally something to look forward to! ...

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