Monday, December 11, 2006

Good stuff

We're having some great weather here around the GTA, people are out and about walking their animals, jogging, hanging their decorations and just taking advantage of this great sunny december weather : )

It's great that it's warming up, I mean comfort wise, but environmentally it's not looking good how global warming is really changing the world.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my favourite winter and all year round products.

White musk perfume oil from the Body Shop, love the stuff just like so many others.
Last time I checked here in TO people were on a waiting list to get it, I did manage to buy some from the body shop in Dubai's Ibn Battuta mall, was an great and easy gift for my mom and aunt who also love it.

Cocoa butter lip care from the body shop (again) - I also picked this up the first time from Ibn Battuta's branch, it looked good and I was in need of some lip balm however it wasn't until we dropped by the supermarket and dad popped out for a few things when I discovered how good this stuff really is!!
Playing around in the shopping bags I found this stick and decided to check it out, shoving it under my veil and trying to apply it to my lips, it took a few moments until I started sniffing the scent and immediately screamed out "CHOCOLATE" .. my sister was messaging me from Toronto about the olympics which were on at the time and all I could do was reply back with "OMG. it's chocolate and it's sooooooooo good!!"
** this stuff can keep your lips moist all through the night, yummy and amazing especially if you like chocolate.

Ok, I do cheat once in awhile, I mean not all my products are ogranic (even though I do prefer the Ecco Bella line of organic makeup and cosmetics) - this body shops all in one concealer is great, using the sponge or a brush you apply it and it's so much simpler than using a liquid and power, plus it cuts time! Make sure you try it at the store and select the right tone, back in Dubai they gave me a tone which was totally off!

LUSH - it even sounds amazing!! Believe me, if you ever passed by a Lush shop for the first time it will take a few minutes to actually figure out what they're all about. (soap that looks like food and ice cream, now who invented that!)
Like other organic products their shampoos and conditioners are good, but my favourite of all is their lip service or in this case "lip squeak", it's so amazing that once it touches your skin it melts and the scent is so goooood (particuarly this one, they have a variety of lip balms by the way)

Here is my all time favourite face moisturizer, it's organic and does a great job keeping the skin nice and moist without feeling greasy like other creams, and it's also soft smelling and not overpowering. I just realized that Kiss my face has it's own shop, I've always picked it up from the organic section at my local Loblaws.

My favourite shampoo of all time (which to me is like GOLD) is the Himalaya Herbal: Protein Shampoo and Conditioner - for normal hair. I order it online by the dozens, there is a branch based in texas or it can be bought from other online homeopahtic suppliers.
I also use the conditioner on top of that occassionally but because it's a two in one it does it's job really well, never had a tangle since I started using it.
Himalaya Herbal is an indian all natural company with a wide range of products from vitamins to cosmetics. I tried their facial moisturizer once but the perfume in it was quite aggrivating so I quit it. I do however use some of their facial masks and scrubs which are quite good.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't normally read blogs, never mind post to bloggers. But today I had a surge of nostalgia for Yemen, so I decided to check out bloggers who may be posting on yemen.
Hence, I found yours, and I'm amazed by the similarities in our experience, as well as the differences. Both of us are young
Canadian girls of ethnic backgrounds who ended up living in yemen and returning abruptly, but trying to remember the good parts of our experience there. However, while you seemed to have lived the cosmopolitan life of yemenis (well, as near as yemenis can get I spent most of my time there in a village camp!

Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for posting your beautiful pictures of yemen, and writing about all the places to shop. I didn't have time to check them all out, but the ones I did, you described them perfectly.

Amatullah said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad you found the "shopping guides" beneficial. Sorry to hear about your "not so good" experiences. If you ever want to drop me a line and chat feel free to do so : )