Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing day Shopping

Every single time we go to Square One shopping centre in Mississauga it rains!! How weird is that!

This morning we all woke bright and early (well actually at fajr - dawn- time as we do daily for prayer) kitty was confused and wondering what was so different about today, after prayinga dn while mom made some barley and milk we shared stories of the day my sisters and I headed out early to line up for the Wii on it's release date, that was fun. After a shower we all headed to the mall braving the crowds.

The plan was for mom to stick with the younger girls while my sisters and I went around to do whatever shopping we can meanwhile picking up a last gift. The mall wasn't so crowded
but as noon approached the crowds grew and certain areas of the mall were very full, I couldn't believe my eyes when we passed by the Guess store for the fourth time, the store was FULL of boys and girls and there was a huge line outside plus a security guard posted at the entrance, other stores like French Connection were the same.

Staff, sales associates and mall employees looked very very drained and busy, I felt quite sorry for them, they could hardly work up the energy to answer back "you too" when I bid them a good day. My sister and I nearly waited 15 minutes until an SA came over to assist us at MAC and I only purchased three eyeshadows in Yogurt, Blackberry and a jet shade.

Overall it was a really fun day, we spotted some candied apples which we were speaking about the previous day and my sister called mom on her cell to tell her to bring the girls down and get some then they headed to near by Chapters where they read books and sipped Starbucks Coffee.

H & M had some really good sales and I love love love the black velvity dress pants I picked out, and it was the last one there in my size. My sister who is more into Xbox games isn't hardly into clothes at all, however she's great in the malls and I love shopping with her even though she usually comments on how she'd rather spend money on new games like Call of Duty.

I got my first kimono style mini dress, it's so cute blue and green in pure silk, %20 off from Denise.

I'm really liking the new 60s looks in fashion, at least they're three quarter sleeves and I can wear leggings, pants or jeans with the cute mini dresses. My mom laughed when she saw some of the dresses today, she said they're so 60s like when she was growing up, brought back memories.

Well I'm off to eat my candied apple - can you believe, I haven't touched it yet and it's been almost 4 hours since we returned.

Pictures to come in my flickr account once uploaded.

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