Sunday, December 3, 2006

A superb cellphone is a requirement!

My NokiaThanks to my dear friend who gave me the N70 phone as a gift, it made my life so much easier and enjoyable.

Every adventuress requires a good phone, though I must admit when I first saw it in the box after it was specially delivered to the apartment I thought "looks too complicated, definately not for me"

Now I can't do without it, I can proudly say it's one of the best phones I've seen and everyone who owns one feels the same way.

Obviously the camera(s) are it's best feature, the photos and videos turn out unbelievably good, no one will believe you took them with a mobile phone!

The most popular colour is the copper and beige though it does come in Silver as well for those who think the other colour combination is a bit "girly"

More info on the Nokia N series and features here.

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