Saturday, December 16, 2006


Such a beautiful saturday morning, the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy, the sun is shinning and I opened my eyes to the this incredible sight, it feels warm and my mom wanted to take my sisters out to the park, however we all changed out minds and decided to stay indoors, saves us the trouble of dressing and undressing, so we're planning Eid gifts this morning.
It's too bad that the malls are full on the weekends, I should have liked to go out shopping, at least to old navy or something, anything!!

It seems my sister has planned the gifts for the two younger ones, and we've all planned her gift, it shouldnt be too hard after this but the suspense of waiting until monday will be unbearable. I've cancelled my weekly plans on tuesday, we won't resume until the very last day of january.
I'd really like to go to yorkdale mall, I'm longing to go there, the last time I've been was around 13 years old, it was a Ramadhaan and my grandma and uncle took my sisters and I by the subway, it was ok but I'd really like to have the freedom of shopping around with my sisters, it's always more fun that way.

Yesterday mom spent all morning sewing at her place, she made this AMAZING couch cover to cover up our new IKEA Ivory HAMRA corner combination in leather. It was my idea to actually use an ikea bedspread in cream to make the covers so mom cut out the pattern after buying two queen covers and she sewed it all together back at her place in less than four hours!

Pictures coming soon when my sister uploads the new batch.

Though the sofa is lovely we couldn't keep it the way it was because of the cat, she was waiting for any moment to sink those little claws into the lovely soft and cool leather, as much as I love kitty she can be a little devil at times, and oh so very sneaky ; )

Anyway we're all so pleased with the outcome, it's actually the best Eid gift that mom could give us, now if only we could take her shopping without her complaining through it all : )

I'm thinking of taking up photography, well my sony cybershot H2 isn't going to do any good just sitting in the closet forever, plus my sisters said it takes amazing shots, all I need is a compatible recharger because I believe dad bought his in the east which has a non compatible adapter.

Let's see how it goes, I'm excited and this should be fun!

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