Friday, December 22, 2006

Shopping is done!

One more week to go! It's been announced yesterday evening that Eid al Adhaa inshaa Allaah (God willing) will fall on saturday Dec. 30th, sooner than we expected.

Finally, almost all the major shopping is over. Yesterday my sister and I were in the markham area, we popped into pacific mall for the first time to have a look around, it's pretty cool and it reminded me a lot of the Aden mall for some reason, something between that and the STC.

I'm so excited about the Eid coming up, maybe it is because I felt so distracted last Eid with the moving and all, also going to therapy things changed from day to day.

Instead of my family getting me a gift or gift certificate at the very least I've requested that I be allowed to choose something myself because believe it or not at the present time there isn't anything in stores that I actually - want- (and I think I may have an idea what I'm saying up for!)

Seeing my sisters open their gifts (after all the planning) is exciting enough, I can't wait until Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

To do list:

- baking

- planning Eid dinner

- wrapping gifts

- major cleaning for entire condo

- planning Eid clothes (comfy clothes if we're going to spend out day playing Nintendo Wii)

- henna? still unsure whether we're doing it or not.

I think I've began a new Eid tradition of my own, and that's going to the mall on Eid, usually the second or third day, my sisters seem to enjoy it and it gives them a chance to buy something with the gift money they recieve from our grandparents. Plus I'm looking so forward to purchasing some new makeup colours.

The countdown to Eid begins..... now!

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