Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shfta - Kurdish meat patties

This is Shfta, a Kurdish meat patties that is popular all throughout Kurdistan and in Kurdish homes around the world.

It is perfect picnic food and for sandwiches! I remember discovering it the first time when a kid in my class brought it to a school picnic, then later I identified it from time to time wrapped in a bread as packed lunch by kids at school.

After we learned what it was my mother (who is not Kurdish) made it for us at home frequently, sometimes she would soak old bread in milk and then squeeze out the excess liquid and mix that into a nice dough with the meat, I believe there is a German recipe that is similar and her mum used to make it that way.

I used to think this recipe was a good poor man's type of dish because you could stretch the meat a bit between the family members but I don't know if that's true or not.


- 1.5 lb Ground meat (I think it's usually beef but it could be whatever you like)

- 1 small finely chopped onion
- 2 medium cloves chopped garlic
- 1 small bunch chopped celery leaves (the good green leaves of the celery is a traditional ingredient!)

- 1 small bunch chopped parsley (not sure if it's a traditional ingredient but I love it!)

- Salt & black pepper
- Pinch of cumin

- 1-2 tbsp tomato paste

- Few tbsps flour (or you could use a mashed boiled potato! And a bit of flour to keep it together)

- Oil for frying

Knead the meat with all the chopped vegetables until it's like a dough, add the flour and knead, when you're able to form a patty and it sticks and does not fall apart then you're good to go.

Form little patties, usually they are longish and not thick like burgers but flat.
Begin frying them in batches flipping in the oil until browned all over and crispy.

Enjoy with lots of fresh greens, tomatoes and fresh bread.

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Irene said...

My grandmother was german and we also make meatballs with lots of bread. It is a kind of poor mans dish, but it also makes the meatballs more 'fluffy' and not so heavy.
I use about 8 slices of old bread with 300 gr. of minced meat (mixture of half pork and half beef).