Monday, August 1, 2011

Ontario Place 40th anniversary - July 2011

Wow! That was quite a day.

We were planning our trip to Ontario place for a while and the plus side was that this year is the 40th anniversay so ground admission is free which is a great bonus because they have many shows and events going on so you can go multiple times.

The day started off kind of crazy, we were snacking on salami while in line to get in and a security guard proceeded to tell us how we could not bring any food (only water and baby food, seriously?!) onto the grounds because their laws have changed on that exact same day.... if you know our family then you know we take food wherever we go!! ... sheesh.

Then it went from mist to full on pouring rain on us, we were soaked from head to toe!!!

The day just felt crazy as we walked back and forth and most attractions were either closed or under maintenance even though they should have been open.

Towards mid day things started looking upwards, we saw both movies in the IMAX sphere and did a whole lot of fun stuff... and in the evening there were all sorts of fun acrobatic shows on so we left kind of late but all in all it was a great day.

Foods were consumed, snacks were bought and enjoyed. We got a beavertail pastry to take back to our mum and went straight to bed once we got home.

Some of the photos on this post were taken by my sisters and can be viewed on my youngest sis's stream here

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