Monday, August 1, 2011

Over the last weekend of July..

Spent the weekend in the kitchen with my mum. We made traditional egyptian molokhiya soup (eaten with rice and chicken) Traditionally it is made with rabbit meat or duck, so we decided to put together a fun shoot with our pet bunny, but keep in mind no animals were harmed in the shoot, we love our pets! :)

So it's "Molokhiya and Rabbits" (literally!)
ملوخية بالأرانب

We baked a pie for dessert.

Used the same pie crust recipe that I made the galette with last week, but this time using frozen butter and grating it on a box grater.

The texture of the pastry once baked was similar to puff pastry.

The photos are all courtesy of my talented little sister, view more of her photos on her flickr stream here

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