Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Potato parsley dumplings

Potato Parsley Dumplings

Makes 4 servings


- 2 mashing potatoes, peeled, chopped and boiled in salt water then strained.
You can do this the night before and keep it in the fridge, or with leftover mashed potatoes.
- 3 tbsp samolina
- Salt and black pepper to taste
- 2 eggs
- White flour
- 4 tbsp chopped parsley

- 1 small onion, chopped or in large slices to remove later
- 2 cloves garlic, whole
- 2 stalks young celery, chopped
- 1 tbsp low sodium Soy sauce for colour
- Veggie or Chicken stock. (or plain water with a soup cube)

Put the stock in a soup pot, add the onion, garlic, celery, soy sauce and let it come to a boil, then simmer until the veggies are tender.

For dumplings:

In a large bowl smash the boiled potatoes until it's mashed up, add the samolina and stir, it should be grainy, add some salt and black pepper to season. Now crack the eggs in and stir until it's incorporated. Throw in the finely chopped parsley and mix, now you need to add a couple of tablespoons of flour to create a sticky dough like in the photo above.
5 tablespoons or so should work, allow the dumplings to sit stirring occasionally, it will be gooey and stick to your fork/wooden spoon but that's ok because that means it will be nice and moist in the soup. We don't want the dough hard like a bread dough or that will make it heavy, and if it's too soft like a potato pancake dough it will fall apart and cloud the broth with starch.

When you're ready to make them bring the soup to a hard boil, take 2 teaspoons in each hand, stir the dough well and then scoop some into the spoon in your right hand and use the other spoon to push it into the broth, you'll get the hang of it, if you need you can moisten the spoons by dipping them in the soup. Occasionally stir the broth to separate the dumplings and prevent from sticking. When all the dumplings are made, lower the heat a bit for a few moments then take off the stove, they're pretty much done.

Enjoy! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Winter Fun

I can't believe we're in March now, and I don't mean that's a bad thing, I'm so excited that spring is approaching.
Today we're having a heatwave, it's supposed to rain but it's much warmer than the last few weeks which is wonderful.

Thought I would post a shot of the igloo I helped build a few weeks ago, it is now long gone with all the storms and freezing rain but it was so beautiful, and so much fun to make.

I can only truly appreciate the winter when it's almost over ;)

Now let's move on ..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Narivee, thank you!

Thank you Narivee for the beautiful article where you featured some of my decor projects on your gorgeous gorgeous blog!!!

Everyone, please have a look at artnlight

Monday, February 11, 2008

A trip to IKEA!

I can't tell you how much I love IKEA!

IKEA to me was always that place where furniture was made out of "pellet wood stuff" (which is still kind of true) and came all in flat boxes and was such a pain to assemble. I did not care for it much then, in fact I thought it was such a boring store... But now ever since we renovated our condo it's like an adventure going there, just hunting around for innovative and creative stuff. I know a lot of people who don't like IKEA, but I do believe that almost everyone can find something good there. (I hope)

A few cool little things I picked up while I was there:

Diska - Dish-washing brush


I can't believe the set of pots was about $ 13!!!! And they've got the best rubber gloves, just rubber and none of that flaky powdery stuff inside. The Samla bins are great too, they come in all different sizes, the tiny ones are so adorable!

Oh and this cute oven/serving dish thing, it's so tiny and perfect for snacks or making pudding/jello, it goes in the oven of course, the larger dish can bake fish, or a sweet potato. Just had to have that too.


Ohh and mustn't forget to pick up some IKEA cinnamon buns on your way out :)

Cinnamon buns