Wednesday, February 28, 2007


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Feels like I'm getting a cold, ahhhhh, such a terrible feeling, slight headache, body aches, appetitie deminishes... Blah.
I may have caught it from one of my mom's little clients whom she brought over the other night, cute baby but I'm really not much of a kiddy person.


*Whos the one blowing bubbles on the balcony all day yesterday*

LOL. I guess I like to be a kid myself sometimes, it feels good. I had a sudden urge to blow bubbles so I mixed up some bubble solution, made myself this cool cone thingy and started blowing huge bubbles during a snow storm. Surprisingly they lasted for quite a bit floating around outside!
I wonder if anyone saw them from their windows *hmm*

This morning *more like noon come to think of it* my sister and I made pumpkin pancakes, it was fun flipping them on the grill and trying not to make a mess, plus they turned out super.
It's a beautiful day outside today, too bad there isn't anywhere to go. Hoping to go to Square One soon to pick up some more olive conditioner.
I just placed an order for a box of Himalaya Herbal shampoo that should come soon. I love the stuff, it's simply amazing but the only downside is that I haven't seen it sold locally like in Yemen and UAE.

So whats with the picture?? Well it somehow has to do with the spirit since today I totally got my shimmy *almost* - *hopefully* under control. It's the best and longest shimmy I've done since I began. I'm so excited, plus I've got the 3/4 shimmy almost there too. This calls for a celebration, maybe it has something to do with being sick, hallucinating and all?!...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sunday night - Oscar night

Had a great weekend, it seemed friday, saturday and sunday just flew by for some reason.

Another interesting highlight were the Oscars. For me it's just about the fashions, couldn't care less for the award ceremony. Some gorgeous dresses on the red carpet this year for sure. .. Just as few of my many favourites, Nicole Kidman's lovely red dress, wow!! Penelope Cruz's blush feathery gown, like a princess!! Jennifer Lopez's jewel studded neckline, she looks gorgeous as always!! Beyonce mint green Armani and Reese's Plum gown ...... oohh the list goes on...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flu season? ... Right!

I sure caught a bug, some kind of bug at least.... well, sort of. More like the cooking bug!! Seriously I've been cooking and baking non stop for the past few days.
The weather is getting better and I don't know whether it's just a phase thing or what but everyone in my family is sure noticing it.

Today was a pretty good day, I made "white" dolma after preparing the yogurt sauce at 11:54 PM laset night while watching ET tonight Canada over the counter.

Can't wait to upload those pictures, it turned out better than ever.

Above in the photo are my zucchini brown sugar and cinnamon muffins I whipped up when my sisters were complaining for a sweet snack yesterday everning.

I'm looking forward to trying a few more interesting turkish recipes that I discovered online, it's all so exciting!!

Aside from cooking and watching episodes of MONK and viva pinata I've also been trying to practice using my drum, so far all I get is a mixups of dum teks, tek tek sounds.. still need a lot of work.
Maybe I'll see if there is some kind of instructional DVD on the market.

Tomorrow at least we've got the oscars to look forward to, love to see the fashions, I mean who doesn't!! ; D

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

4 seasons of MONK arrived!

Yes, it arrived yesterday!! I love love love chapters - indigo, things come so quickly. Amazon is great too but takes a just a few more days, obviously since its not local like Chapters.

Anyway so far I watched two episodes that I've already seen, Mr. Monk goes to Mexico and the Circus. I'll spread them out like two per week otherwise I'd just sit three days straight and watch them all like a marathon (fun but then it's all over)

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Saturday is the most boring day of the week, I wake up to the sound of my sister playing "call of Duty" on the XBox360 and then before I realize what's going on the day is over and CBC's Hockey Night in Canada which begins at 7. It's like having a guy in the house, seriously.

My sisters like hockey, I really can't stand it so mom and I will occassionally put the Pride and Prejudice DVD in and watch on the desktop computer.

Thank God I bought those headsets because now the living room doesn't have to sound like a sports bar with the volume on the highest setting blasting our ears with hockey!! My sisters can comfortably turn up the volume on their headsets to whatever level they desire while we can have some peace again.

My packages arrived a few days ago, honestly I can't even rememeber which day but they both came on the same day (isn't that great, two surprises in one day!!)
The Henna pens are amazing, I tried it out and I would definately keep buying them. My mom was really wowed as well at what a great invention they are.As for the Drum, well it's... noisy. And I do need to figure out how to use it properly. Never-the-less it looks great in my Modern Moroccan themed bedroom.

I promised myself these would be the last orders but I couldn't resist so hopefully The OCD collection of 4 seasons of MONK on DVD should be coming by next week as well as another "secret" package.Online stores can be so addictive, now that I've got a paypal account I don't have to bug my dad and use his credit card all the time, but then again this gives me a chance to go out of control *yikes*

Gotta stop, gotta stop...... hopefully as the weather gets warmer I can occupy myself with more outdoor activities instead of just sitting in here waiting for stuff to arrive.

My sister ordered what she calls a "fun pack" from AMAZON, the mail man buzzed from downstairs and informed us that he had a package, when he brought it to the door he warned her that it was quite heavy and it sure was. Inside were STAR WARS books, a complete STAR WARS encyclopedia as well as two disney movies on DVD. They were classical animated movies that I've seen like a zillion times, but whats really great about these DVDs are the extras, like the making, director commentary and deleted scenes.

No cooking for me today either, I'm treating everyone to Thai food today. It was my youngest sisters' idea after she saw the flyer arrive in the mail.

Spinach pies I made yesterday, yum yum! I usually don't put cheese, and the traditional recipe is with onion and Sumaq, but decided to try a variation.
My daff!!!!!! TAK TAK TAK TAK
Isnt' it amazing? 100% natural henna marker.
This is how it looks on the skin, it spread a bit because I used the larger tip, should have used the smaller on, plus it's just an experiment. Not in the mood to dedicate a lot of time to it now, will wait for warmer weather.

Friday, February 9, 2007

It's friday and all my hopes of a package arriving have been lost, well my Henna penna should probably arrive before the Drum, as for the drum I just recieved word by email that it wasn't shipped yet as an extra $6 had to be paid so I immediately sent the payment and hopefully it won't take too long to get here.

Lately I haven't been working out, it's so cold and the skin on my fingers are cracking and bleeding, horrible horrible weather and no matter how much cream or whatever kind I use there are no improvements. Fridays are usually relaxing days and I don't workout anyway, though I intended to start today since it got put off again, well tomorrow for sure (inshaa Allah) maybe after dawn.

This summer we plan to go to the museum hopefully, but I hope there will be a new interesting exhibit, regardless there is always the lower level which we haven't had a chance to visit last time we were there since grandma was getting tired. I've been there twice and still I'm very excited to see it again, and to take my camera of course.

Another place I'd like to go is Gerrard (sp?) street here in Toronto, I hear it's where all the indian shops are, sounds exciting but I've never been and so far mom has been hesitant about going but this summer I'm going to insist!
The last few summers we've gone to Ontario Place, but it's getting boring since the only ride my sisters will go on non-stop is the adventure ride and it's such a waste to pay that much to get in just for one ride.
We were at niagara falls in august, that was fun but don't think we'll revisit the place until a few more years.

These weeks are soooooooooo boring, nothing to do, no where to go but I heard it on CityLine as well that most people think Feb. is boring anyway. Tomorrow we're making Salmon biryani, I already took out the salmon and let it thaw in the fridge, thats always something to look forward to ; )
These two months or so I've stopped going to my therapist as well, hoping to resume perhaps when the weather gets warmer but I also want to go to Dubai before the next study semester begins, so much stuff on my mind *sigh* .. taking it one step at a time *breathing....*

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Today was a really nice sunny day, and even though I spent my days indoors as usual it felt really different incomparison to the last few gloomy days. My sisters were out early, today Disney released Cinderella III and since we're all not fans of sequels and prequels we were quite eager to see it and it definately did let us down, it was horrible and we loved hating it.
Today was more special than the superbowl we had chocolate, fries and breaded chicken strips (not me, I'm a veggie ; )) but it was really fun.

Below are some more of my favourite flickr photos by the flickr community members : ) Again I can't list all their names but if you want to know something about a particular photo feel free to ask me and I'll give you the full credits.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Keeping warm and optimistic

These days have been super chilly, between trying to keep myself warm and busy keeping an optimistic atittude I'm dreaming of hot country where I can run away to (well more like travel to)
I've got some ideas of returning to Dubai perhaps if possible for educational purposes, I'd really love that because I can't see myself spending a whole year here in Canada in the cold. No way!
Do I have any ideas of WHAT I want to go into? sort of.. but not really sure yet. I really only believe that one should do something they TOTALLY love, while my family try to incourage me here and there with ideas I just don't see any of them workable, at least I'd get bored sooner or later.

*Dreams* How I'd love to own a little shop with beautiful rich ornaments, lights, carpets, handicrafts, tribal jewellery and a whole bunch of unique pieces from around the world (all my favourite places like Morocco, across the middle east, turkey, arabia, stretching all the way through persia, afghanistan and so forth. I'd watch the shop during the summer and during the winter I'd travel around buying and selecting new merchandise for my shop. *sigh*

Regardless of what I choose I'd definately like to get into relief work like my dad. This work alone would satisfy me, maybe womens rights, conselling or something.. I know there are many women in several countries who need emotional support and someone to talk to. Whether I'd be a good counseller or not I'm not sure but I think I know a thing or two about being on the other side of the fence and therefore I'd definately be willing to sit down and lend an ear and hopefully a bit more if possible.

Here are my flickr favourites, I've gathered them from several talented fellow flickr members, they're all beautiful and though I'm not able to mention all their names right here if you'd like to view a particular photo(s) feel free to drop me a line.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


I've been having loads of fun with lately, the latest batch of photos were a bunch from the summer that I decided to upload for fun. At the moment I'm still waiting for my drum to arrive in the mail as well as a Henna Penna that I ordered today.
Never realized something like the Henna penna existed (was thinking of inventing it myself) I LOVE black henna (it's pretty toxic and I've never used it but the colour is phenomenal!) so after discovering this Henna pen I placed an order for both a natural and black so lets see how it goes.
Also have been doing a lot of drawing lately, some are in my flickr account and more are going to be loaded soon, nothing special, just scribbles but I enjoy designing new outfits and hair styles and what not.
Yesterday evening I curled my hair, it looked so nice and some curls are still intact at the moment, I love the curly hair look (well don't most (all) straight haired girls) - also been experimenting with the mineral makeup from everyday minerals in the past few days and I'm just loving it to death, yesterday I tried the mystic nights purple eyeshadow wet as an eyeliner, it's still ON! I'm going to try black, emerald green and a few more next. This stuff is so fun - "morocco" reddish eyeshadow made a beautiful lipstick, add some gold for an evening glimmery look. Absoloutely stunning! The smokey looked lovely on my sister when I did a smokey eye for her, her eyes are so big and brown and she looked so sophisticated for a 15 year old.

Here are some photos of Morocco that I found on flickr (courtesy of a bunch of members), I thought they were so beautiful .. just wanted to share.