Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cleaning my microwave while making lemonade

So when you're making lemonade (like I am prepping for tomorrow - look for the post because it will include a rather intresting ingredient!) you can also go ahead and clean your microwave.

Here is a fun tip to use up those lemons.

So after you've squeezed your lemons (there is always leftover juice inside but just go ahead and throw those halves into a big bowl) and add some water to it.

Now pop it into the microwave for 4 mins or so.. until you see steam on the microwave door as you look in.

Get some paper towel or a clean cloth then remove your bowl (some or all the water may have evaporated by that point) and begin wiping down the walls and ceiling of the microwave. Remove the tray and wipe everything down.

It's so easy and fantastic! You can go into the lemon water and dip your cloth in to clean with it too for those tough stains.

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