Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nesting Dove

Today was rainy and while glancing out at the window I spotted a feathery chest (crop) in my mulberry tree up front, I would know a crop anywhere because I used to raise and rehab pigeons in my teens, and we still have a pet pigeon Dotty at home.
These little mourning doves are adorable, little more delicate than pigeons and their coos and very soothing (well to me at least!) They are shy compared to pigeons but it's always a treat to see them around here.

I thought this dovie was trying to stay dry on this wet afternoon so I got out my zoom lens and took advantage of the view to snap a few shots but after posting them up and going over to check on her I noticed she had changed positions and then it happened!! She looked down and began tucking and readjusting eggs!

I'm ecstatic!!! This is the first time I see a nesting mourning dove in this tree, maybe it's because I spent a little too much time avoiding the garden or that she figured it was a safe area but either way I've got a great view of that nest and look forward to watching the little ones and their journey to adulthood.

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