Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beef Korma (Afghan Style)

This recipe is FANTASTIC! I mean it!

Usually the beef korma is something we order from an Afghan restaurant and we just love it but this recipe came so close in flavour that I would just make it all the time from now on!

If you've got a pressure cooker by all means use it, or even a slow cooker because the meat is going to need some cooking to tenderize. I cooked mine in a pot on the stove for about 5 hours.
Also it sat in the fridge for two days or so and developed even more flavour.

No caramelizing onions required so the recipe whips up in minutes!

Beef Korma

2 tbsp Oil (and 1 tbsp butter to brown meat)
1 tbsp fresh chopped garlic
1 tbsp fresh ginger

1 finely Chopped onions

Stewing beef (I used half a pound, which is everything in that plate - but you could use a whole pound to feed more people!)

4 tbsp yogurt (I added 6)
2 tsp fresh corriander (I added more!)
1 green chili chopped
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp salt (to taste)
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp turmeric

1 tbsp tomato paste

2 whole tomatoes (from can or fresh with skin removed by quick blanching in hot water)

Cut the tomatoes finely with a knife.

1. First I started with a pot and butter, heat the butter and add a drop of oil and once it's hot adding all the stewing beef to brown on all sides. Don't be afraid just let it brown until you see brown bits on the bottom of the pan.

2. Remove the beef onto a plate.

3. Add some more oil if necessary to the pot and then onions and sautee until they look clear on medium (keep an eye on it, I burnt the first batch!)

4. Next to go in is the spices and they toast for a few seconds, then the fresh garlic and ginger (lots of!)

5. Meat gets added back in and finally the yogurt gets fried in the pot a bit until things look a little brown.

6. Add the chopped tomato and some liquid to cook. Simmer and let cook until meat is tender.

Cover the meat with water to cook, as it dries up keep adding more water until the meat is cooked... once it flakes apart if you touch it with a fork it means it's done.
If using a pressure cooker it will cook faster and then if there is extra liquid just let it cook and evaporate off. This should be on the dry size but not too dry. If you see the oils as you see in the plate and the meat is tender then you're on the right track)

I didn't have tomato paste but it turned out just great, also I used a little extra yogurt (double!) and added chopped cilantro 30 mins towards the end of the cooking time because I like my herbs to be "fresher" but not sure how the cilantro in the beginning affects the curry so maybe next time I'll add some in the beginning and end.

Served with little homemade naan breads.

A little yeast, a tbsp of yogurt, flour, salt, water and melted butter. Then they're garnished with sesame seeds and black seeds (Nigella seeds/kalonji/onion seed) before baking on 500 F for a few seconds.

This recipe for the bread was made up, it's not precise so I didn't list the amounts, if you're into bread making like me you'll just throw something together and know how to go by feel, what I would do next time is add more butter to make it flakey.

1 3/4 - 2 cups flour (start with less and use more after adding the water)
1/2 tsp instant yeast
little sugar to feed the yeast
1 tbsp yogurt
1/2 tsp salt

Melted butter - about 3 tbsp

Water to form a dough, just add a few tbsp at a time and knead

Get the yeast going by proofing with a bit of water and the sugar, then add:
The flour
Add in the butter and stir until it is all absorbed by the flour and distributed. Then add enough water to form a dough.

Let it rise for 4 hours. Make small balls and let them rise a bit more. Flatten out using knuckles and spread with some melted butter and the seed (or a bit of egg and melted butter)

Bake for seconds. (keep an eye on it!) Flip it over if necessary.

So if you're in the neighbourhood come by and share this pot of curry or for more curry recipes and info on the 'Cook & share a pot of curry' event click here


Memória said...

How much tomato? How much tomato paste? How much water? How much cilantro? How much flour, yeast, butter, salt, etc for the naan?

The korma looks absolutely perfect. I want to jump up and make this now, but I need to know a bit more about the amounts in the recipe. Thanks!

Memória said...

Also, what kind of beef and how much?

Amatullah said...

Half a pound of stewing beef. And I've included a bread recipe but it really is a feel and go recipe for me.

hope that helps.

Anna said...

I will definitely try this recipe. I want to start protein loading since this is what my gym trainer mentioned when I started a new workout strategy. Thanks for posting!

Mandi said...

I still have some lamb in the freezer (I used half of it to make bamya) can I use that for this recipe?

Amatullah said...

Mandi, I can't see why not :) Go for it!! Lamb might cook faster though so keep an eye on it and as soon as it's tender then you're good to serve.

Mandi said...

Thank you for answering!
I'm going to make this recipe tomorrow.

By the way, thank you for your recipes, and practically your northen-iraqi/kurdish recipe's.
I visited sulimani this summer and it's beautifull especially the mountains.

Amatullah said...

Mandi! You're very welcome!! I hope to add more kurdish recipes in the future. I've never been to Sulimaniya but I heard great things about it and it's fabulous to hear that you've been! :)

Mandi said...

Hi Bella, I mad this yesterday and it was delicious! My 2 year old daughter also loved it.

Only my boyfriend didn't really like it... I think because of the corriander so I might leave that out next time.

Amatullah said...

I'm glad you and your daughter enjoyed it mandi :) Cilantro is definitely an optional igredient, it seems to be one of those that people either love or hate. Feel free to customize the recipe as you wish.

Yesterday I made a spazzatino which is a great recipe to make with stewing meats, just dredge the meat in seasoned flour and brown well then chopped tomato (canned works!) and water letting it cook for a few hours until meat is tender, it is delicious!! I would add onion and celery but I had none, never the less the basic recipe was so delicious served with pasta.

Stewing meat is one of my favourite cuts, it's cheap and gets so tender, it's always a hit :)

Mandi said...

This recipe sounds really easy and those are things I always have in my home, so I will definitely try this!
Thank you!

I love stewing meat to, especially lamb when its really tender.

What a Dish! said...

Made this and it was very delicious. Most of my family loved (I have one picky child that just prefers plain rice, lol). It had so much flavor. We garnished with a few pomegranate seeds and more yogurt. I loved the spices in this- thanks- great recipe!

Anonymous said...