Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chili Dogs

My homemade Chili

One or two nights in advance:

- Measure out dry kidney beans (or any beans of your preference)
I did a mixture of kidney and Steuben yellow eye bean (an heirloom

variety used in baked beans)

The rule is to wash, soak in a lot of salty water, so keep adding salt

until it tastes like the ocean.

Some people don't add salt to their soaked beans, which is fine but I

think the beans taste a lot better if they absorb some salt.

After 12 hours or a day, and you're ready to boil these beans simply

dump all the water into a large pot and bring to a boil then simmer on

medium low until the beans are tender (adding more water if it steamed

off) I keep the lid slightly covered as if it's closed tightly it

overflows sometimes due to the starchiness.

This may take a few hours but once they are tender (be sure to check a

few to make sure all of them are cooked and not just a random one and

then you end up with hard beans) They should keep their shapes almost

but be nice and tender.

Alternatively if you want to skip this step and use canned beans that's

fine too but I think more people should be going back to dry beans,

they are creamy and I think it takes the whole dish to another level.

Preparing chili


- 1 lb ground meat (I use beef but you can use turkey or chicken..)
- 2 1/2 to 3 cups precooked beans

- 1 Chopped onion
- 2 medium Chopped green bell pepper

- Tomato paste (few tbsps)
- 1 can pureed tomato

- 1 tbsp molasses
- Worsterchire sauce

- Salt & Black pepper to taste
- Ground cumin powder


Directions: In a large heavy bottomed pan on medium high heat add oil, sautee onions and peppers until they are transluscient or slightly softened (but not burning)
Bring the heat up to high and brown the ground meat really well, you want to see brown bits in the pot (this is extra flavour)

Add tomato paste and fry it around, add can of tomato, season with salt and pepper, 3/4 tsp cumin powder or so, molasses, worstershire sauce, strained tomato puree and water.

Simmer on medium low until the meat and vegetables are so very tender, I left mine on the stove for 6 hours and kept adding more water to the pot as it boiled off (even though the lid was on)

In the last hour or so add the beans to the pot and let them absorb the yummy flavours and simmer together.

If making the chili dogs below immediately let the chili cool a bit before topping them.

Chili Dogs:


- Your favourite hotdog (I used all beef)
- Hotdog buns (something basic from the supermarket)

- Your homemade Chili (cooled)

- Mayonaise
- Mustard (dijon or prepared yellow)
- Grated Cheddar cheese (we used old white cheddar)
- Chopped onions (according to preferance)

1. Set the oven on 350 and line a pan with foil.

2. Begin adding 1 tbsp of mayo to each bun and spreading it on the top

and bottom side.

3. Add a bit of the mustard to the bun and spread over the mayo.

4. At this point it's fun if someone is helping you because it's a bit

of an assembly line :) Put the hotdogs in the buns and lay in the

tray on the foil side by side.

5. Top each dog with a heaped serving of chili.

6. Sprinkle with cheese

7. Add chopped onion

Bake for 45 mins and serve immediately. These will be bubbling, the buns will be toasty on the outside and soft on the inside (due to the mayo tip) and the more tasty the chili is the better the flavour of the chili dog.

Fun toppings for serving:

- Pickled Jalapenos
- Chopped green onions
- Fresh Cilantro
- Homemade Guacamole (chopped tomato, avocado, red onion, cilantro, bit

of garlic, salt, cumin, drizzle of oil, squeeze of lime)

* Thanks to In The Wabe for the inspiration and to my sister for the use of some of her prep photos below


Amy J. and Tiffanie A. said...

I AM DYING at how sinfully delicious this looks!! Mmmm mmm MMM!!

Piee said...

Mmmmm. I really want some chili now! I always had this impression that making chili is difficult, but you demystified it for me. thanks.