Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cherry Cinnamon Dumplings

My farmer's cheese - the one I whipped up yesterday with a leftover carton of milk - went into making these fruit dumplings.

A few tbsp of flour, samolina, an egg (at room temperature) with a dash of sugar and sprinkling of salt gets added to the farmers cheese and this dough is formed around a pitted cherry.

Rolling a ball of dough and using my thumb to create a dent then stuff the cherry in and closing it while making sure it is sealed well then boiling them in a bit of water for 7 mins or until they float.

They get drizzled with some melted butter (or try brown butter!) and cinnamon sugar.

The coatings are thick but mostly made of proteins from the cheese so it's not too bad diet wise.

I hope to try another steamed variety that is widely made in Germany using italian plums, perhaps it will impress grandma!


Farmer's Cheese recipe

If you ever have too much milk on your hands and it's gone past the expiry date don't throw it out. Bring it to a boil and add a few tbsp of vinegar then stir until the liquid looks yellow and you see clumps of cheese floating on the surface, strain the curds (clumps) and add a bit of salt and you've got a fresh farmers cheese that will keep a few days in the fridge! The whey (yellow liquid) is healthy too as it contains proteins, if you're pets like it let them drink it.

Oh and if you want a cool trick to pit cherries check this out! The technique worked perfectly for me and I had all my cherries pitted in 15 mins, it was fun too.


Yasmeen said...

Yum! What an interesting recipe and love the photo.

Piee said...

Making a dumpling out of cheese? That's a new concept to me. I'm intrigued.

This "farmer's cheese" what is the texture of it? It sounds like it would resemble ricotta?

Amatullah said...

Yeah it's like Ricotta, I would probably rather use ricotta as it's lighter. Farmers cheese is a little on the dense side especially homemade ones.

Nancy said...

Is this farmer's cheese like Indian Paneer? Sounds simple and yummy! Those dumplings look awesome as well!! But it seems like you'd have to develop a knack for simmering cheese balls! I may give it a try!
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