Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day fireworks!

My sister claimed that her pizzaria is the best and I was confident that my favourite pizza place would win hands down so I challenged her to a pizzaria-off.

On the day before Canada day we got the two pizzas and it was a blast!!!

We had a lovely spread, lots of pizza (that's for sure!) and a yummy potato salad that my sisters made, also the pickled turnips and okra that I had put together a few weeks ago had turned out so delicious - I was very pleasantly surprised with the okra which I've never had before (pickled ! ) but it was crunchy and briny, vinegary and absolutely delicious, I would highly recommend the recipe to anyone!!

We had homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert, and many other treats my sisters put together, rice crispy squares and no bake fudge squares, mmmmmm.

Here is the recipe for the delicious cookies, they are by far my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe!

The day continued with an evening full of snacks at the park and late night watching of the fireworks, lighting sparklers and just a whole lot of fun!

*Our Pizzas were from Pizza Pino in Durham and IL Paesano in Etobicoke.

We enjoyed both pizzas very much, my sister loved all the cheese on Pizza Pinos, it's a heavy pizza!! And to be honest though I was very confident in my choice I actually liked the chewy sourdough style crust on her pizza and it has it's own unique style, that's for sure!

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Dinner at Six Thirty said...

food looks good! :) and the star-shaped ice cubes are just so cute!