Monday, March 12, 2007



Here are a few pieces from my family collection. Most of the artifacts as I'm told come from the Mesopotamian region of Iraq. I'm not sure of their dates or exactly how old they are but they sure are interesting. Several pieces have oxadized, some are stone, the jewelley pieces have some gem like stones and beautiful carvings. I will be adding more soon, like cape brooches and mini arrow heads.
There is one green glass pot, I've seen a few similar pieces in the museum, perhaps more deliate as they were Roman. This pot is very heavy and thick, a beautiful piece of art in itself!

One of the rings has a carving on the stone and when used as a stamp creates this lovely tulip, check it out below.

Last but not least the coin have arabic and Islamic texts on them and therefore they aren't as old as the other pieces.

Lion I think.

Ancient ring with stone and tulip engraving

Ancient ring with seal

Large heavy coin


And as always... more pictures on flickr!


Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

Beautiful collection , truly!!! went through ur Flickr account too....and yeah fell in love with the tulip stamp!!! thanx for sharing them with us, Adventuress! :)

Amatullah said...

Hi Moi, thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed the collection as much as I do : ) The tulip is definately a treasure, I never knew what it was until recently decided to stamp it and see, it turned out so amazing that I couldn't believe the intricate carving on that little stone. Made me curious about the people who actually made it back then and who could have owned it and used it. :D