Monday, March 5, 2007


I'm really excited about my new project, in the past few weeks I've developed some mini cooking instructional videos for just basic recipes that I commonly make, the down side was that they were too large and therefore they weren't able to be uploaded online.
Now I've done smaller ones, two minutes or so and they seem to be working so hopefully I can put them up soon.
My first project was spinach pies. One of my favourite foods as snack, appetizer, meal with a salad or great packing food for picnics!

Such a windy day today, my windows were shaking all morning. Sometimes they shake so hard I'm afraid they'll break but thank God nothing like that happened and I pray it doesn't, I mean the building has been here for years and years and it's pretty strong compaired to other condo buildings I've seen so hopefully it will be ok. Also our window replacement schedule has been delayed again into the late summer, well, at least I don't have to put up with all the mess anytime soon. It's actually great that we're getting new living room windows/sliding door as well, I'm quite excited about that! Ohh and maybe by that time my dad will be here for a visit : )

To entertainment news: Prison break was totally shocking, my sister swears this show gives people ulcers. Gosh the suspense, I can't believe I'm hooked to it, it's definately not my type of show but it is now and it's great. I wonder how many more episodes left in the season if any at all after tonight's.
Amazing race All star yesterday night: Another one of those shows I wish they'd finish with, honestly the only reason I'm watching this season is because of Charla and Mirna, they're so annoying but it's so funny to watch them, I'm definately not rooting for them yet at the same time want them to stay on as long as possible because there isn't anything left to look forward if it wasn't for their quirks.


rooosh said...

very interesting blog!

i like the idea of yours posting food videos ^^;
prison break..not my type of drama.I'm more like grey's anatomy type.

Amatullah said...

Hi Rooosh and thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment : )

I'm glad you find the idea a good one, at the moment I'm working on it, just the processing is left.

I know what you mean, just today I was telling my sister how weird it is that we're hooked on prison break, it's definately not our type or show (sweaty prison guys and all) and it just so happened one day we switched the channel and wondered what was going on earlier in season I so we got hooked. LOL.

Thank you again for your comment, do stop by again and hopefully by then I'll have the vids up.