Thursday, March 8, 2007

Deep fried what?

Well it's Cadbury Creme egg season, no matter where I go the topic comes up, and on every single forum I visit there is a huge thread with people raving about how much they love them, and how great the easter season is because of them.

In my opinion (no offence to anyone) but I find them disgusting, and so does my whole family. I can not even get myself to try it, the commercials totally turn me off and it just looks so weird for a candy (must be overly sweet as well from what I hear)
I love eggs, particularly hard boiled eggs, but a chocolate made to look like the inside of a raw egg *shudder*

So what does deep frying have to do with it? .. Ok, so let me explain. I was on flickr earlier searching for something interesting and I came upon a photo of a deep fried Cadbury Creme Egg.
I've heard of the Mars Bar, I've tried the Ice cream and it was pretty good. After a bit of searching I found some really weird fried things that were just so unbelievable.
From Oreo and chocolate chip cookies to pizza, to cheese burgers, battered pickles and even turkey stuffing (filled with mashed potato) Hilarious!!

I'm thinking to myself what do they NOT deep fry?

Below are some photos of various deep fried foods ... the above photo is of a deep fried cheese burger and thanks to flickr members for the photos, they're not mine but I simply borrowed them :) Ohh and if anyone knows of any more interesting deep fried foods feel free to leave a comment and let us know about it.

Photo credits in order from above: 1: Sarah and Jason 2: thisismecl 3: obscene_pickle 4: -karryn- 5: vidiot 6: Sassylittlepunkin 7: Slice


Anonymous said...

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Amatullah said...

Thank you for the invitation : ) much appreciated.

Literacy 9 at SDHS said...

Yummm.... deep fried oreos are yummyyy!