Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mineral Makeup tutorial

Youtube has been good to me today, I'm so pleased. Spent the day uploading a few videos that my sister and I made earlier (yes, she's the camera person and deserves credit as well ; ))

I'm very happy that mineral makeup is gaining popularity out there, though I'm still a beginner and experimenting I'd love to offer any help if needed with application tips, and of course I'm open to advice and ideas from everyone who has something to share.

Thanks to a flickr member who had a few questions after ordering her first kit I decided to make this video to better illustrate what I tried to describe to her in text.

The following are two parts, mini instructional videos about how generally to apply mineral makeup. It's quite different than other brands out there because with minerals it's all loose.

I'm using two brands, Bare Escentuals (bare minerals) and Everyday Minerals.
BareEscentuals comes with a special vitamin cream called "bare vitamins" and this is applied before using the foundation. I find that this brand tends to sparkle slightly, also it doesn't feel as "fine" as the other. Some people have mentioned to me that it doesn't stick to their skin well even with the cream, some have had breakouts so please try it on a small portion of your skin first to test.

Everyday Minerals is the latest brand I've tried, it's very well priced and can be ordered from the website unlike the other which is usually available at Sephora here in Canada. I love everyday minerals, they're smooth, matte, very fine, and stick to the skin even without a cream. Normally I apply my normal organic moisturizer though about half an hour before using it.

Bottom line the technique is the same when applying - "less is more" and feel free to try a few coats and see what suits you best. I would highly recommend the Everyday Minerals concealers, they're excellent if used very sparingly.

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