Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring and the birds

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I guess spring is almost here, the birds have appeared on the balcony for the first time. It's great to see little sparrows carrying thing pieces of twins and grass to begin construction on their nests.
This is our first spring since we moved to the condo, so it's very exciting, however I'm sure we wont' have as many birds visiting the balcony as we did in our old place, plus we're above the 10th floor now unlike being on the street leveled 4th floor at our other place.

Dont' feel like eating, or cooking or anything.. so I roatate between watching Tv, browsing the net, journaling and just taking it easy.

Honey is behaving very strange as well, no naps anymore and she wants to spend all her days around us, she loves the birds too.. the other day she noticed them for the first time and it was a heartbreaking scene somewhat because I know how much she used to love watching the birds at our old place where they would visit all year round, but here she hasnt' seen any in months. They began chirping and she started speaking with them from behind the screened sliding door, meowing over and over as they chirped, but the funny thing was that it sounded like a baby lamb.. a meow that sounded like a baahh.. hilarious!!
She's very funny, just when we think we know everything about her she does something unexpected :D



Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

aww!! Honey's so adorable!!! the name's so apt for her :)and enjoy Spring :)

Amatullah said...

Thank you for the sweet comments Moi : ) Happy spring to you too.