Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrifting Tips

Unconvential ways of shopping and saving money: 

We all pretty much know that mall shopping and clothing in retail stores are marked up to pay for their lease/rent, so prices in higher end malls usually tend to be higher, of course while you can always find deals by regularly checking in on clearance racks, warehouse locations and stores like Winners or TJMAXX - and spot further savings on their clearance racks - there are other ways to find great things for just a few bucks! 

*Try a consigment shop/boutique in a good well to do area, you never know what you’ll find, even high end stuff for a lot less. 

*One of my favourites is thrift shopping, even in places like goodwill, and the salvation army. Value village has locations all over the USA and Canada and is good except at times just a little more on the pricey side though they mark their vintage and pre 80’s clothes very very low so look there! Things like coats can be found at great value.

Sifting through stuff takes some time, so make a day out of it and if you feel more comfortable taking some latex gloves with you to wear, then do that! Store your purchases in a sealed bag and wash them as soon as you get home following label or fabric washing instructions. 

I guarantee you that you’ll spot new items from your favourite mall stores on racks that look like they’ve never been worn. In the fashion industry today new clothes are put out there every season and sometimes it’s just a little too much to digest, people often donate unworn clothing with tags on them because they just don’t have the chance to wear them. Thrift shopping is very economical and environmentally friendly, and if you don’t know where to start then maybe go on a hunt for some classics for your wardrobe: 

Here’s Mr. Tim Gunn’s list on wardrobe basics:

I’d also like to add that scarves and vintage scarves are PLENTY at thrift stores, so pick up some pretty ones that can add colour to your outfits or to accessorize your bags!! And before you head out don’t forget to check the jewellery counter, maybe you’ll spot a classic strand of pearls or a unique brooch that you can’t live without.

Finally don’t fret if you find a coat that’s missing a button or has ugly buttons all together, don’t put it back if the fit, style and colours are flattering, you can always remove them and replace them with totally new buttons that will change the entire look of the coat! And remember you can always have it altered, a 70’s maxi dress can be shortened to a cute mini and so forth. Check your garments well to make sure they’re in good condition and have no tears or holes.
Thrift stores are great for things like vintage buttons too, so keep your eyes open and you’re sure to find something great that you’ll feel so proud of. 

*Also next time you head south to vacation on the islands, pick up some accessories!! Things like jewellery made from lovely shells and local stones and minerals can be a cheap way to accessorize. Places like Cuba offer beautiful leather goods, so get some slippers, a pretty belt or even a bag or hat. Sure some of it is touristy and tacky but if you have a good eye you can spot something very simple, classic which can make any fashion forward outfit!

I hope I’ve inspired you to try your hand at thrift shopping, go alone or take your girl-friends, check out new stores in smaller towns, especially well to do areas and keep checking back in for new stuff before it gets picked over. 

Happy shopping!.

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