Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mini Veggie Flatbreads

  The weather this week has been GORGEOUS! I'm not kidding, it's tshirt weather in southern ontario, I've never seen weather this warm at this time of year but I'm not complaining!

In my house we have a pizza day at least once every two weeks, but lately we have not had it in a quite a while and every so often I do like to switch things up so this time I prepped the dough and roasted off a few fun ingredients that were laying around (You won't believe how long you can store a butternut squash!)

I decided to prep a tray of ingredients, roast some nuts and seeds and make a garlic oil then assemble it all outdoors in the great weather, it was so fun!

I hope this inspires you to make some yummy flatbreads with stuff you've got laying around (soup does not need to always be the go to recipe when cleaning out your fridge)

The key is to prep ahead of time, I roasted the butternut squash, layed out the previously made roasted red pepper. Roasting eggplant is a little trickier just remember to salt the eggplant after chopping to remove excess liquid so they roast up nice and brown.  

Toast seeds and nuts on the stovetop in a dry pan on medium low, just until they smell nutty and have toasted a bit in colour. 
I went with Spanish paprika, sliced onion, lemon zest and a homemade garlic oil packed with fresh grated garlic as flavour agents. 

To make garlic oil use the pan after toasting nuts, set them aside on a plate and add some olive oil to the empty pan on medium heat, add tons of grated garlic and sautee just until you begin to smell the garlic (it should not even brown)  Set it in a small plate with a spoon and begin slathering away.

Some toppings can be added after they're baked like goat cheese, or Arugala greens.

Add eggs to the last minute of baking, simply move toppings around to create a sort of "nest" and crack the egg inside, it takes seconds for it to cook in the oven and remove immediately when white begins to set if you want the yolks to stay runny. 

Hope this was an inspiration for you to try giving your  pizza a little twist next time! Go wild with ingredients and ideas, this is just about what I had on hand and tried to make the most of. 

Keep it simple and the dough part really thin, then serve with a salad and enjoy! :)

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