Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mom's Schnitzel & my oven fries

Breaded steaks: 

Thinly sliced (and pounded) pieces of beet or veal (your choice!)   Usually it's the eye of round I believe, not sure but ask your butcher, or you can find it already sliced in the supermarket labelled schnitzel or frying steak.

However many you'd like to make, I'd do one per person if it's a bigger slice or two if they're smaller.

Take your meat and seaon with salt, black pepper and set aside.
Slice a large or medium onion in big strips and then toss all the onion with the meat in a casserole and set aside to marinade.  The onions will lend the meat great flavour  (if you are not a fan of onion - like some members in my family - you can leave it out although one person in my family doesn't mind the onion flavour and the other found it too oniony which caused heartburn)

Maybe use shallots, if you want, they're milder.

When ready to fry heat oil in wok or shallow pan for pan frying.

(remove meat from the onion - some moisture may be drawn out of the meat so just lay them on a paper towel)

This is assembly work so set out 3 shallow plates

- Flour  (season with Aromat- it's a German/european seasoning salt type thing, it may not be healthy but the flavour is too nastolgic for me to give up)   If you don't have it use salt, a dash of garlic salts and black pepper.
- Egg, beaten (add a dash of worstershire sauce, if you want)
- Panko or ground corn flake crumbs (this is what we use!)

..  and begin dredging the slices of meat in that order, flour, egg, and crumbs and then frying on both sides until golden and draining on more paper towel.

My Oven Fries: 

Heat oven to 425 F.

Peel (or you can keep the peels on) and slice potatoes into fries, not too thick or thin and they MUST all be equal in size as to cook evenly.

3 large potatoes works great, or 5 smaller potatoes.

Prepare a large baking pan, as not to crowed the fries and line with a sheet of parchment, make sure it's bigger than the pan for easy cleanup and so oil does not go everywhere.

- Toss sliced potatoes in a large bowl and add 3 tbsp oil or so and a big pinch/dash of salt. Toss and then pour them onto the tray and arrange so they're in a single layer.

Bake and flip over when bottom side is golden so the top can also brown.  If you have convection settings in your oven use it, as for me both in my oven and toaster oven both sides brown at the same time cutting down on baking time and yielding some crispy fries.  It takes about 30 mins of so on regular bake.

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