Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My favourite Autumn things..

Winter is around the corner but we got some great weather to still be able to go out and enjoy the outdoors without having to bundle up (too much!)

 Love to spend my time doing a little organizing and start cleaning up, getting ready for winter, clearing out my house, tidying up, taking out those winter blankets ... putting away summer clothing. 

I also have this urge to bake, and cook, and worst of all just eat!  I wonder if this must be some kind of natural instinct that we haven't been able to shake in modern times but if I'm not trying to keep it in check I could turn into a bear by time spring rolls around. 

Here are some photos that remind me of all things Autumn...  the changing leaves, tea (love my new cone strainer) cinnamon rolls, chicken soup!

Oh and if you haven't already checked out Poutini's then you gotta go, RIGHT NOW! Their layered poutine is just amazing, it's piping hot layers of fries and gravy (there is a hint of spice in there, curry? it's sure to warm you up out in the cold) and who could forget the tons of layers of ooey gooey cheese!    Just GO!