Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day 2012 - Fort George Niagara on the lake.

Our Canada day!

A little history when we visited Fort George in Niagara on the lake for the ongoing War of 1812 200 year old anniversary .. food of course with a picnic amongst the beautiful wineries and vineyards throughout beautiful Niagara on the Lake and fireworks at th end of our lovely day.

Our menu was very simple, consisting of beef kebobs that were simply grilled up and hotdogs, with all the fixings and store bought pretzel buns as well as a poppy seed bun.

Then veggie kebobs and I skewered the same type of veggie/fruit on a few skewers for easy grilling.
To make things easier I used a store bought italian salad dressing to marinade these veggies while prepping the charcoal grill right on site, just drizzle a bit in each zip lock bag and swish around gently.

We then removed all the veggies from the skewers and made a lovely salad adding a bit of the balsamic homemade dressing I brought along in a mason jar.

To make a bread salad simply chop cubes of ciabatta bread and skewer then for easy grilling, pack 2 cloves of garlic and then slice in half and rub the bread after they are grilled. Toss in salad with some bruised fresh basil leaves (also packed along) and enjoy!

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