Friday, July 6, 2012

Avocado Fries

Avocado Fries

I've been seeing a few recipes for these avocado fries here and there, so finally when I was down to one last avocado from a whole sack of them that I picked up last week I figured it's worth a try.

The original recipe I wanted to use had a panko coating but just as I reached for some I realized we were all out.

Last summer I made these zucchini fries crusted with cornmeal and they were a hit so figured it could work.

The process is very easy.

- 1 avocado (cut in half, remove pit, flip over and slowly peel off the skin gently as not to damage the flesh)


-1 egg
-1/2 tsp worstershier sauce (optional)
- Seasoning salt

- 1/2 cup cornmeal
- Soup seasoning
- Salt
- Black pepper
- Paprika (optional)

-1 tbsp oil, sprinkle on the parchment lined tray.

To make it tasty always season the coating, season the egg mixture.

Then it's a dredging process of avocado slices that go into the egg and then the dry crumb mixture to coat.

The parchment lined pan was drizzled with some oil and then they were placed over to absorb some oil and flipped over gently by hand to ensure oil is on all sides.

Baked on 425 for 15-20 minutes flipping half way through.

Season with a sprinkling of salt and serve.

The sauce is from the new President's Choice line featured in Canadian Loblaws stores, it's a refrigerated (no preservative) condiments. This one is a Sofrito one and is quite good.

Whether or not I'll be making this again, I'm not sure, the coating was great but it was something about the flavour of the avocado, Perhaps it's an acquired taste but I love avocados in guacamole, it's just something about the cooking process that brings out a bitterness to me.

I should give it one last shot though.... next time I'll make it with a more firm avocado and maybe the panko just to give it another shot.

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