Friday, September 23, 2011

Fresh Coconut Loaf cake

I saw this fresh moist looking coconut cake and knew my little sister would love it!

There were two versions of the cake on the original site (here) and I went with fresh, it was a lot of peeling and shaving and to be honest half of the flesh did not infuse into the milk at all (which evaporated into about 1 tbsp) so I went with the fresh flesh and canned coconut milk to make up the rest of the milk that had evaporated.

The glaze also split once, then the second batch split while on the cake (which was probably still warm) but all in all it was good, and everyone loved it!!

So for all you coconut lovers out there this is a keeper, but I would recommend adding a coconut extract for more flavour and maybe finding a good coconut tasting fresh coconut (some of them taste of nothing)
If you can buy pre shredded then you're in luck as it'll save you lots of time.

Give it a try and let me know! :)

p.s I got one loaf by halving the fresh coconut recipe but using 3 eggs instead of 2.5 as there is no point in trying to halve an egg.

Thanks to my sisters for the lovely shots, that's me holding the cake in the shots below and pigging out while they both shoot the cake.


Sarah said...

This looks phenomenal. Loving how many photos you've taken. Thanks for sharing. :)

Reese@Seasonwithspice said...

This must be a fun day with your sisters. I'd love some of the cake now..looks irresistible!

Amatullah said...

Sarah and Reese, Thank you both! I do hope you try the recipe.

My sisters loved it, coconut milk could be a great addition to any baked recipe I think, it lends a richness and has a buttery/oily quality.

Mark@SeasonWithSpice said...

Hi Bella,

I just had to comment on this post too. Man, that coconut cake looks good!

We have a coconut shop next door (, so will have to go pick up some fresh coconut to make this recipe.

Well done with the recipe and the images.