Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tea - the perfect drink for cool weather

I love tea!! Here are some shots that I've taken over the last year or so from the various kinds of teas in my kitchen.

The blooming teas are impressive and so gorgeous.

If you haven't tried a lot of these already I encourage you to indulge... this Autumn go to your nearest gourmet tea shop and pick some up!

Brew a nice pot of this universally enjoyed beverage to share with your friends and family.


san antonio personal trainer said...

Hi Bella,
I found may brands of tea in your kitchen. I like your crockery. Which brand you found best to lose weight and increase immune system?

Amatullah said...

I was at teaopia yesterday and they have a variety of weight loss and health & wellness teas, check their site and it may give you an idea. Also Dr.OZ recently revealed Rooibos tea as south africa's weight loss secret tea and I purchased some yesterday, it is delicious!! Hibiscus is good for cholesterol and I drink it regularly because it's very yummy! Try to see these teas for inspiration then order online or ask at your local tea shop if you don't have access to teopia and david's tea where I get the majority of mine from.

Thank you!:)