Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Friday Family Feast

What a fabulous time!!

A sit down lunch with grandma, feasting on Egyptian and middle eastern favourites like "fattah" (casserole of toasted bread moistened with chicken broth and layered with yogurt and white rice, then the meaty parts of the chicken get layered all over the top and finally a "sauce" of butter and sauteed garlic with a drop of vinegar is sprinkled evenly all over the top)

We also had a casserole of layered potatoes and chicken drum sticks, mmmmm and for dessert the most beautiful sprinkle party cake.

My sisters did an amazing job of baking the white cakes, and we made the swiss buttercream together then one of my sisters (who is such a perfectionist) iced it all to -PERFECTION- and finally it got a sprinkling of little colourful dots.

The cake was gone very fast, that's for sure!!

For the recipe please refer to Honey and Jam

We used her lovely white cake recipe and layered it white swiss meringue buttercream and then frosted the entire cake.

I'm pretty sure my sister omitted the raspberry and lemon juice from the frosting and we went with her recipe too. It was smooth, fluffy and lovely!

It was a gorgeous day, the view was AMAZING from the balcony and our little pet pigeon was really interested in what was happening at the table, he had his own treats of course :)


Kim said...

The cake is beautiful. How did you get your sprinkles so perfectly spaced??

Amatullah said...

Sprinkling from a height, just a pinch at a time (like you would salt or pepper) and then towards the side tilting the plat a bit and doing a bit of a throwing motion with the sprinkles (like you would confetti at a wedding) It just turned out that way with those techniques. Thank you! :)