Thursday, June 9, 2011

Simple and delicious

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best.

Here is a healthy but satisfying dessert of fruit and whipped cream to enjoy on a lovely summer afternoon or as a light dessert at your next get together.

1. Add your favourite berries (or any fruit) into pretty bowls.

2. Pour some chilled heavy cream into a bowl, a few tbsp of powder sugar and a splash of vanilla.

I highly recommend doing it by hand, it's fun and a little work out. I also take a step outside to do this in case it splashes a bit.

Whisk it up until it comes together into a nice soft cream, should not curdle or be too "heavy"

3. Now spoon it onto your fruits and maybe garnish with some mint if you like.

If you want to mix some yogurt into the cream that's fine too or do it with yogurt alone (some honey to sweeten?) for a super healthy version.

Enjoy! :)


Joyti said...

That is one of my favorite desserts - hand-whipped cream with fresh berries. No sticky oven, and relatively healthy too.
Lately I've been eating those berries with plain yogurt, sometimes a little honey - for breakfast though.

Nadiyah said...

Where did you get these bowls?! I'd love to get the same ones. By the way, nice website. I was led here after an internet search for Kurdish Shufta. Can't wait to try it!!!

Amatullah said...

Ikea. Thank you Nadiyah, hope you stick around and enjoy the recipes :)