Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crunchy zucchini fries

Crunchy Zucchini Fries

What you will need:
-Fresh zucchinis (the smaller the better and less bitter)
- Egg
- Cornmeal
- Salt & black pepper
- Hungarian smoked paprika or any spice you like

- Olive oil


1. Preheat oven to 400 or 425 F. Wash and dry your zucchini, cut the ends off and begin cutting them in thick strips (too thin and they will get soggy, remember there is a lot of moisture inside a zucchini)

2- Prepare a plate with beaten egg. I seasoned the egg with some salt and pepper. Throw the zucchini in and toss until all are coated.

3- In a large container (with a tight fitting snap on lid OR in a large zip lock type bag) Add your corn meal, salt and pepper, paprika and any other seasoning's you like.

4- Add your zucchini into the bag and shake well, or close the container lid and shake shake shake until all are coated evenly.

5- Have a large tray ready lined with parchment, now lay out your zucchini nicely so they are not too crowded. Drizzle with olive oil .. all of them need a light drizzling to develop a browned and crispy cornmeal coating.

Bake and allow some crispiness to develop then flip over for all sides to brown evenly.

Serve with a salsa, ketchup or your favourite sauce. A creamy mayo based sauce would be yummy too.


a frog in the cottage said...

what a mouth watering recipe !!!

Haley said...

Thanks for the Fries recipes! I love delicious and healthy food. Try out the Green Bean Fries, it taste as delicious as your Crunchy zucchini fries Crunchy zucchini fries at

Amatullah said...

Haley, thanks!! I will give it a try for sure.

Hatsie @ Two Recipes said...

Wow these look amazing. I will absolutely be trying these soon!

Linda Wagner - Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body & Spirit said...

Yumm!!! These look amazing!! Will def be trying these soon!!

Love your blog!

Amatullah said...

Thank you all! I hope you try them.
Don't forget to drizzle the fries with olive oil (or any oil) very lightly and evenly. I forgot to add this in to the original post. This is what makes it crispy and brown.

Anonymous said...

I made these this weekend, used milk to dip instead of egg and used both yellow and green summer squash. My 4 yr old ate the whole bowl of the yellow and liked the green except for the skin. Who knew fried squash would beat out fried fish or doughnuts for his supper! thanks for the idea.

Amatullah said...

That's so great!! I'm glad your little one loved them. I'm going to also try the yellow zucchini, they are usually sweeter without the bitter skins.