Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A trip to Cloverdale Mall

It's a cooler day, but warm enough that I didn't have to wear a coat (well as usual, I hate wearing winter coats or any coats for that matter)

We parked close to the entrance and made our way into the mall, it was short notice that we were going anywhere at all today but all of a sudden mom decided she wanted to take the girls out to the park and they agreed on the condition that we go to Cloverdale (them going to EB games was their true intention covered up by park and Yves Rocher coupon excuses)

Just a short while ago we recieved this coupon with three scratch spots, one said to recieve a free gift which was a lipstick and another was 50% off two regular priced products as well as two stamps on my Yves Rocher membership card.

My sister mom and I hearded to Yves Rocher while my youngest and second sister went off to the gamer stores. It was a fun afternoon and there was a huge sale going on so I picked up some of my mom's favourite frangrances along with some darling little perfume creams.

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