Friday, January 26, 2007

Cool picture!

Candles and pottery
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Haven't had much to say in the last few days, life is just cold and boring, my skin is so unbelievably dry and I'm in need of tons or moisturizer. Today there was no hot water, it kind of felt odd because I didn't know how to move on with life without the dishwasher then it hit me that I had neither a dishwasher nor hot water all the time in Yemen and I used to boil water. My sister decided to wash her hair so I boiled a huge pot of water and she mixed it with the cold from the tap and used it.

Another weird thing about today is that I seemed to have placed an order for a open framed drum, having no expeirence using it I just felt it would be fun - also it's the only islamic instrument permitted for girls to use during celebrations like weddings and Eid so I thought I'd give it a try ... looking forward to mail is almost just as exciting as shopping (well, it is shopping except in a slightly different form)

So more mineral makeup and a daff are on their way here in the coming weeks.

Ohh and this picture I thought is just really cool, the affect turned out naturally - it's not like I set the house on fire with those candles ; O

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