Monday, January 15, 2007

Snowy Monday

Boy did the weekend go pretty fast, it snowed yesterday a bit but today we've got frozen ice on the windows and ice pellets on the balcony ledge plus there is white all over the golf and tennis courts, it's "officially" winter. How awful :( ok, for me at least because I'm no fan of winter or snow but my sisters are sure excited.
So here I am blogging and trying to keep warm as much as possible by guzzling gallons and gallons of hot green tea and waiting for spring to arrive. (At least I'm optimistic : ))

I've taken up some new activities over the week as well and I'm really really excited because I'm doing really well, but I won't mention them just yet. In addition to that some more physical activities like Wii Tennis (it does too count!!) and Yoga. (expert village website has some really cool instructional videos)

Other than that and the arrival of the long awaited winter there isn't much else going on here in Toronto ; - ) I'll leave you with a nice picture of a sun basking camel, I'd trade places with him any day.

Photo Credits: Wepstar on flickr

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