Thursday, January 11, 2007

Going Bare

BareEscentuals Bare Mineral kit below, includes a DVD which I watched yesterday night, if you want to try BM for the first time I would definately say go with the kit because the DVD is so beneficial and you'll need it to learn how to apply BM foundation since there is a special technique to it (fairly easy though) and also there are some tips for using the eyeshadows.

It's incridible stuff and the colours are so lovely, hard to believe it's pure minerals but it is.

The first two photos are of the beginners kit then followed by the iQuad eyeshadow kit which includes four glamerous colours ranging from a sandy tone to a gold, to a copper and then a lovely peacock green, Very shimmery and definately glam.

Next is a small pot of individual eyeshadow in a black matter tone, it is also an eyeliner when used with a moistened brush and applied along the eyelid, completely safe and natural, can use a blue or even a brown, all BM eyeshadow mineral powders can be used as eyeliners. I experimented with a sparkly pink and it made a nice long lasing line, very neat and just like a sparkly marker.
Also the powders can be used mixed with a little organic moisturizer and applied on the eyelid like a wet eyeshadow cream, or they could be used dry or with water for more intensity. They can also be used dry like pigments creating some really nice shimery party looks, very easy stuff and so flexible, just let you creative senses take over!

But do give BM a chance, the foundation provides excellent coverage and is not wet, cakey or annoying, the minerals sit on your skin allowing it to breathe all day long and it's completely natural that you can sleep in it, no problem!!
Many people tried it and didn't like it only to go back and figure out that what they were doing was wrong, either using too much minerals or not applying it properly, this is why I strongly suggeset the DVD kit which is valued over $188 USD and only for no more than $65, it includes all of the above.
The best thing to do is head over to Sephora and have the Sales Associate match a foundation to your skin tone then purchase the box instead of for example purchasing online where you can't match the right tone.
More photos of the colours coming soon, I promise.

Also if you feel like you're being discouraged because of the price, there are other companies out there, check out Everyday Minerals for lovely eyeshadow colours in matte looks, some people prefer EM to Bare Minerals, also you can use PayPal to purchase, I'm definately going to try them out, at least requesting a free sample.

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