Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Simple Things in life...

Last week tried my first pizza on the grill and it left me wondering why I haven't done this earlier! There are a couple of tips to keep in mind so I'm going to share my experience and feel free to share any tips if you've done grilled pizza.

I start with homemade dough as usual. It's easy! 

I've shared a recipe on my post about Pizza Buns earlier on the blog, here 

After the first rising divide the dough into smaller balls and set aside to rise. 

Start up the grill and the trick is to try to maintain a consistent medium heat heat.  My BBQ has a cast iron grill so I oil/season it so the dough doesn't stick. 

Flatten out the dough and roll rather thin using a rolling pin between two sheets of parchment.  You can do a couple and stack them between the parchment and then just take them outside on a tray. 

The process goes very quickly so have your toppings all chopping up and ready to go on a tray next to your bbq. Remember don't load up on toppings and nothing too watery, keeping it simple is the best way to go because it cooks super quick. 
If you're using mushrooms, fry them up in advance in a frying pan on high heat in some oil and season with salt. That way they're ready to go without releasing water all over the top of the pizza or staying raw.

The part of the dough that you placed on the grill (bottom) is going to end up being the top of the pizza (where you spread the sauce) so you really just want it to get light grill marks and dry out. Just a minute or so. 

Now using tons flip over the dough to the other side and at this point working quickly you can spread some sauce on it and add the cheese and a couple of toppings.  Instead of sauce you can do slices of fresh summer tomatoes. 

I keep the temperature on the left side of the grill a little lower so I can slide the pizza over and finish cooking them with the lid down, this helps to melt the cheese and get things going without burning the bottom. 

Once the cheese is all melty and toppings warmed through remove the pizza and serve. 

I did red onion, blue cheese and blue cheese stuffed olives on my pizza 

A couple of my fave things lately have been, clove blossoms, they make fabulous cheap and cheerful flower arrangements, and this delicious Ontario black walnut honey from Country Cheese Company
The honey pairs perfectly with those fresh grassy medium or soft cheeses like the spring time favourite Dutch Graskaas or Gouda, although I tried it with blue cheese and really enjoyed it!

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