Thursday, July 10, 2014

My new favourite: CAESARS

Lately I've been having a blast making and putting my own spin on the famous Canadian Caesar cocktail (can be a mocktail of course!) which is pretty much the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary.

Starting with Clamato tomato juice as a base, or tomato juice and some store bought clam juice (comes in a small jar in the tuna and fish isle of the supermarket) and that's your starting point, for spice add hot sauce, bbq sauce, tabasco,  and even prepared horseradish (from the deli section)

Add a splash of Worstershire sauce for a little richness.

Don't forget to rim the glass with lime juice and celery salt, it really makes all the difference.

The garnishes can get crazy on these drinks, start with a nice leafy stalk of celery (perfect for mixing) and let your imagination go wild!
I've done two versions here, a "the works" using the pickle, olive, onion/red pepper on a stick (they come all made up in a jar or you could do your own if you have an array of pickled stuff in your fridge)
Homemade pickled okra was perfectly delicious in this drink, I always have a jar made up since I got addicted to making them a couple of summers ago.

Other ingredients are blue cheese stuffed olives - which I picked up from Olive That!
For more creaminess add a fresh baby mozarella ballCherry tomato and a wedge of lime finished it all off.

In my "Arabic" or "Middle Eastern" spin I garnished it with a couple of minty rice and lamb stuffed grape leaves known as "dolma". A popular finger food all throughout the Middle East my homemade stuffed grape leaves were absolutely divine with this tomatoy combo!  

A squeeze of lime or lemon into the drink and you're good to start sipping.

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