Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spiced plum syrup

A good plum is just as good as a good peach, unfortunately don't think I can say I've tasted one in the past few years. Somehow the plums never seem to ripen properly.. Today I had some on hand so I made a delicious spiced syrup that can be used in a drink, bubble tea, tea, on pancakes, on a cake, ice cream... endless possibilities.

Spiced plum syrup:

-Chopped plums (pits removed, leave the skins on as they add to the flavour and color but just a coarse chop is fine since it will cook down and we'll strain it)
-Star anise
-Cinnamon stick

Put it all in a small pot with some water and cook until it's fragrant and all the flesh cooks into a thin jam type consistency. Strain it through a sieve and reserve the syrup.

Above I'm brewed a peach blossom infused green tea and mixed it with a little of the plum syrup, it was very fruity and a perfect fall drink.

I've also used the same mixture and poured it over some coconut passion fruit jellies in a large cup and added ice to that creating a delicious asian "bubble tea" style drink. The anise/licorice spice flavours were there in a sophisticated twist on the yummy asian favourite. Try it with tapioca pearls too, I'm sure it would work beautifully!

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Reese@SeasonWithSpice said...

Hi Bella,

Looks tropically refreshing! Love the Star Anise suspended there like it's posing for the picture.